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Kitchen Floor Mats

Whether you live high up in the mountains, down low in the valleys, or right on the sandy shores of the beautiful Atlantic, the kitchen is always the heart of the home. It deserves tender loving care and attention—and beautiful décor to boot. So when it comes time to decorating your beach house galley, be sure to opt for some special pieces that’ll infuse summer style while still protecting your gorgeous home and all its furnishings. With the Coastal Kitchen Floor Mat collection, savvy shoppers can browse tons of appropriately themed beach house rugs and mats made from the world’s most accomplished artists and retailers. These one-of-a-kind treasures work extra hard to trap dirt and sand, protect your precious hardwood floors, and comfort your tired toes after a long day trekking down to the beach. Shop a vast variety of under sink mats featuring ocean wildlife, beach sayings, surfer signs, tropical birds, flora and fauna, seashells, boats, waves, umbrellas and beyond. Whether you want a durable polyester mat to block dirt in an entryway or a plush pad to massage your feet while doing the dishes, this diverse collection offers the perfect color, size and comfort for any application.

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Have you recently bought a shore home? Maybe it was passed down through the family, or perhaps you’ve been saving for this special place for a long time. No matter the situation, you may be dealing with some outdated appliances and fixtures in your beach house kitchen. If you want to infuse subtle style and personality into the space while you get set on renovations, consider a few practical but pretty pads in the Coastal Kitchen Floor Mats collection. Picture this. Your rustic wood breakfast nook, white cupboards, and stone countertops are the perfect neutral vision. But what’s missing is a surprising pop of something! As an experienced designer, you go straight for the color. A pink flamingo floor mat flaunts its fabulous self underneath your sink. Then, over by the back door, you strategically place a green seaweed floor mat to capture the kids’ sandy footprints. Finally, the entryway to the great room has a blank space begging for a piece of décor. You fill it with an adorable Key West inspired flower floor mat. Now, you can honestly say all’s clean, safe, and sophisticated in your beach bungalow!


Blue Crab Accent Rug
Love this rug! So glad I purchased it. It looks great at my front door. It also arrived quicker than I had expected. Thank You!
Stacee Munroe
Nov 25, 2014

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