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Nautical Melamine Dinnerware

What kind of dishware have you opted for in your beach house kitchen? On one hand, we’re always looking for chic style and elegance to complement our existing décor and color scheme. But on the other, it’s important that shore dishes be strong and durable, standing up to many summers of use and abuse. Well, if you’re looking to meld the best of both worlds, consider a stunning collection of platters, plates and more in the Nautical Melamine Dinnerware collection. This beautiful lineup of quality crafted kitchen accessories brings you exceptional resilience and gorgeous designs and patterns fit for any shore abode. Each premium piece or set features a different nautical motif, whether a sailing ship, towering lighthouse, fun sea life, colorful coral and more. You’ll even find classic scrimshaw styling in many of our one-of-a-kind treasures. The collection offers not only plates and platters but also pretty, durable coasters, trays, saucers, bowls and beyond. They’re great both indoors and out, so consider stocking your shelves with these versatile dishes just in time for the summer season.

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Are you looking forward to entertaining outdoors this year? Once weather gets warmer, your trusted dishware from the Nautical Melamine Dinnerware collection will come in handy for sure. Imagine this. You plan a fancy barbecue bash to kick off your vacation, setting up your enclosed patio with elegant furnishings and décor. Embracing the nautical theme, you opt for a spectacular set of blue and white melamine plates with images of an anchor, ship, lighthouse and pesky pelican. Both charming and durable, they look amazing displayed on the dining room table. When the big day arrives, lo-and-behold—the weather is perfect! You decide to move the festivities outdoors, conveniently bringing your melamine plates and platters along with you. Guests and family adore your all-weather designs, commending your posh taste. Tell them there’s plenty more where that came from—in the Nautical Melamine Dinnerware collection!


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