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Summer is all about gathering in the spirit of family, food and friendship. So when it comes time to decorate and furnish your shore home, be sure to welcome guests in a kind, inviting fashion. With the Coastal Doormats collection, you can bring quality, durable outdoor mats, rugs and entryway décor to every area of your beach abode. Whether you’re looking to block out dirt, sand and water—or to simply greet visitors with fun, unexpected nautical flair—this premium collection offers excellent variety.

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Browse resilient, all-weather welcome mats featuring your favorite beach motifs, including seashells, surfboards, flip flops, mermaids, countless sea life, nautical symbols and gorgeous ocean scenery. You’ll even find a few fabulous mats bearing some adorable “shore” saying. Choose from hard-wearing, fade-resistant designs woven from coconut fiber, rugged polypropylene, and more. Best of all, these delightful treasures go perfectly in nearly any doorway. From the front porch or stoop to the back door patio, deck, pool house or veranda, protect all your property’s surfaces without a worry in the world. And remember—these one-of-a-kind coastal doormats are a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming or another special occasion.


Want to welcome them inside with the warmth and hospitality of a true host or hostess? All too often, even the best designers forget the importance of a quality welcome mat. With a functional but fashionable piece for your front porch, guests can’t help but love entering your abode. Picture this sensational scene. You’re throwing a great holiday party this summer, and you’re expecting a ton of guests. Knowing they’ll be coming right off the beach and boardwalk, you’re worried about them tracking sand through your spick-and-span space. To block out pollutants and send a friendly message, you opt for a charming tropical coconut fiber doormat for the front porch. But that’s not enough! For extra protection, you place a lovely rainbow fish indoor/outdoor mat inside the foyer. And to go the extra mile, a pretty mermaid welcome mat greets guests at the back door. What better way to celebrate but with good food, great friends—and a clean home! It’s all thanks to the Coastal Doormats collection.


Grey Textured Ceramic Canisters With Pyramid Tops Set of 3
The representative at Beach Decor Shop responded quickly to my inquiries. The canisters are show stoppers - extremely impressive. I searched the web for the best price. This was it. However, I read in an answer to a question on another website that the canisters were food-safe. However, each canister had a sticker on the bottom that said not food-safe. Packing of the canisters was extremely well-done. It took 45 minutes to carefully unpack and then remove all of the cardboard and styrofoam popcorn. I will be keeping them because I love them and it would be too time consuming to pack them up. However, I ordered other canisters to store food in. I'm storing dish towels and plastic grocery bags in them,so it does free up drawer space.
Barbara Bruer
Mar 22, 2019