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Wave Home Decor

With its ever-changing blue, green, and shimmery silver hues, there’s no questioning why the ocean is so absolutely breathtaking. Just watching a wave roll in and out to sea is cause for celebration—a pretty, peaceful sight that people come from all across the nation to see. Now, since you’re lucky enough to live at the beach, why not capture that fantastic vision every single day? With the Wave Home Décor collection, you can bring a tranquil aquatic vibe to any room, using the flowing movements and stunning colors of the ocean to inspire serenity in your space. The collection offers a variety of quality area rugs, throw pillows, wooden wall art, bedding, lighting, and other shore house essentials.

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Comprised of quality materials and painstakingly handcrafted by our dedicated artists, these durable treasures feature the beautiful anatomy of a perfect wave with everything from trough to crest. It’s a pleasant pattern for a master bedroom, family room, den, or nursery. And waves are so versatile in design that they work universally in any style home from suburbia to the big city. So grab your board, put on your wetsuit, and get ready to ride one home (or watch from the comfort of your chair).

Have you always wanted a peaceful, relaxing escape from the hectic work week? That’s why you have a summer house, after all. Unwind in style by furnishing your weekend retreat with some one-of-a-kind art and furnishings in the Wave Home Décor collection. Are you ready for this amazing ocean vision? Picture waking up amidst a delightful ocean wave bedding set, glancing over at the clock, and finally greeting the day as you step onto a matching wave-covered indoor area rug. You flip the light switch (covered by a wave wall plate, of course), and walk down to the kitchen where your rustic wooden wave wall art displays proudly. You make an iced coffee, grab a book, and settle back into weekend mode on the sofa with a charming hand hooked turquoise pillow with dainty wave design. Sound serene? You can have it all and more—with Wave Home Décor.


Personalized Rope Shell Arch Plaque Wall, Bronze Verdigris
Absolutely beautiful! High quality with substantial weight. Classy-looking.
Jennifer H
Nov 15, 2019

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