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Brighten Your Home with a Nautical End Table

If you're like most people, you always relish the days that you get to spend all your time at the beach. It's always devastating when it's time to go return home, especially when you know you have work or school the next day. If you wish you never had to leave the beach, you should consider brightening up your home with a beach-themed accent end table.

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While the idea may sound rather strange, imagine having a beach themed living room to return to after a hard day at work or school. As soon as you walk through the day, you head straight to your living room to relax on your cream-colored sofa that always reminds you of the sandy beach. You grab your favorite book from the simple yet beautiful accident end table and start reading from where you last left off.

As you read, your focus slowly drifts from the novel to your beautiful beach-themed living room. The walls are painted shades of blue, green, and white to represent the ocean and its large waves. Intricate images of various sea animals, such as starfish and dolphins, adorn the walls as well. Your eyes shift to the many small yet sophisticated pieces that adorn the room and add to the beach-theme of the living room. You see crabs, starfish, clams, fish-themed pieces all around the room. The pieces of furniture around the room are shades of white and gray to represent the sand at the beach.

Yes, your beach-themed living room took much effort and time on your part to put together. You spent many hours planning out the layout of the room and selecting the perfect pieces of furniture and decorations to create the beach-like look. Just the walls of the room took dozens of hours to get just right. However, you don't regret a single hour or dollar that was invested into the creation of your beautiful, beach-like living room. The relaxation and pleasure you derive from the room every time you come back home from work or school makes all the effort and money spent on the room more than worthwhile.


Seahorse 6 Light Chandelier
I love seahorses. And the tropics. So when I went to work creating our "tropical" entertainment room, I just HAD to have this chandelier to complete the look. It fits perfectly-a nice neutral color, classy, and casts lovely lighting. Also it is exactly as appears on the website.
Gayle Thomas
Nov 30, 2015