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Unique Coastal Treasures You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
When you decorate your home with shore-inspired furniture and accessories, you’ll always add a touch of elegance and charm that is truly everlasting. But since your design aesthetic is continuously changing, we’re eager to bring you the latest, freshest offerings for your seaside retreat or beach-themed room. The NEW section delivers unique, hard-to-find products meant to fuel your creative flair. Here, you’ll always find that perfect holiday, birthday, or anytime gift that you won’t find in stores. You’ll also uncover a trove of delightful fixtures and ornaments that’ll finally unify and complete the look of your beachy abode. Make your seaside haven a place unlike any other, and populate your space with a variety of colorful, nostalgic nautical treasures.

An Array of Classic Essentials and Novelties

From the newest designs in embroidered pillows, floor mats, and other soft embellishments, to the whimsical curiosity of our stunning wall art collection, our NEW section promises a vast assortment of today’s finest trends that capture the maritime lifestyle. Discover the ideal piece of statement furniture to outfit your living room, or a gorgeous table lamp to decorate the hall. Find that understated nautical fixture you’ve been dreaming of. Our NEW section delivers on all creative fronts, offering everything from subtle ocean landscapes and reclaimed wood furnishings to awe-inspiring designs that’ll boldly awaken your sandy soul. You’ll even discover cute tokens representing your favorite colorful seaside creatures. From the kitchen to the bedroom, living room to patio, let our latest arrivals beautify your space with the sophistication and tranquility of the sea.

Gifts That'll Capture Their Unique Qualities

So, the next time you find yourself endlessly searching for the perfect showpiece, that one item that only exists in your design fantasy—you’ll know where to find it. Come back to our NEW section often to discover the newest additions to our constantly growing beach home collection. When loved ones open up their nautical keepsakes and thank you endlessly for your thoughtful gesture, tell them this: they only deserve the absolute best, the latest and greatest ornaments to match their seashore spirits. Tell them you found them—in What’s NEW?