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Decorating your beach house is endlessly rewarding. You get to explore your design taste while paying homage to the coastal images you’ve always known and loved. So while you’re stocking your shore house kitchen with all the usual mealtime essentials, be sure to embrace all that’s special with quality plates and platters from our vast collection of Nautical Dinnerware. These premium beach brands bring you beautiful, durable plateware and serving accessories featuring your favorite ocean and other nautical-themed images. From underwater sea life and maritime shipping themes to sunny seaside scenery and classic shore colors, you’re sure to find the perfect dinnerware set to outfit your existing beach house décor. Whether you’re searching for a set of indoor/outdoor patio plateware or elegant high-end dishes you can display on your dining room table, we’ve partnered with the best coastal artisans to ensure your décor is a surefire success. Best of all, these gorgeous treasures are always comprised of top-quality materials designed to withstand years of constant use. From plates, trays and mugs to matching saucers, coasters, serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers and beyond, pick up a set of resilient dishes that’ll last many seasons to come.

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Sick of your boring department store dish set? You can upgrade any shore kitchen by adding a few lovely pieces from our Nautical Dinnerware collection. Picture this. You’ve invited the entire family down for a fun-filled weekend of rest and relaxation. After a long, hot day at the beach, you freshen up and begin prepping the evening’s meal. Hoping to impress your wonderful guests, you opt for a formal sit-down dinner. Taking out your pretty sea life themed dinnerware from the cupboard, you arrange an artful display commemorating the charm and appeal of the ocean’s best creatures. From your adorable turtle dishes and starfish salt and pepper shakers to your super durable melamine octopus dishes, kids and adults alike are in utter awe at your gorgeous display. Enjoy the meal, and enjoy your stunning platters even more—from the Nautical Dinnerware collection.


School Of Fish Stemless (Set Of 4)
Product arrived promptly and safely packaged. Would definitely use this website again.
Brenda Durnin
Jul 27, 2017

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