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Nautical Throw Blanket

Whether summer, spring, winter, or fall, the perfect throw blanket lets you cuddle up and relax in leisurely comfort. If you’re looking to put the final touches on your beach house decor, or if you want to bring a touch of the shore to your city retreat, consider a classic maritime design in the Nautical Throw Blankets Collection. The vast line of small and large spreads features a number of charming designs straight from Cape Cod, Cape May, and the Hamptons, all the way down to the Emerald Coast. From cute marine animals to fanciful shells, classic crustaceans to pictures of paradise, each exquisitely crafted blanket is sure to add your signature shore flair to every space. Capture an elegant or informal feel in each room of your home. You’ll love it so much, that you’ll never want to cuddle up without it!

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If you have a family room for entertaining the kids or guests, then consider decorating your sectional sofa or loveseat with a gorgeous fleece design wrapped neatly across the arm. You’ll reach for it every time you lie down for a catnap. Or, perhaps your Victorian-inspired home has an impressive porch you’ve been trying to jazz up. With a colorful rocker and a nautical cotton quilted overlay, friends and neighbors will surely admire your unique, refined taste. Our ocean aesthetic is also perfect for the bedroom, guest room or boat deck. Toss a warm, cozy fish or bird spread across the bottom of the bed. The Nautical Throws for Sofas Collection brings a pop of color and whimsy that enhances a space to no end. Furthermore, each quality keepsake is made of the finest materials by our skilled artisans. If you’re searching for that ideal beach housewarming gift, or if a fellow seafarer has an upcoming birthday, look no further than our diverse line of marine throws.

Here’s an idea. Say you’re far from the shore, but you love incorporating little tokens of your beach philosophy throughout your suburban home. Impress your overnight visitors by bringing in a delightful seashell-covered fleece throw on your guest daybed. Family and friends will adore the charming design, and they’ll be kept comfortable and warm every season of the year. They may even ask where in the world you found it. Our exquisite designs offer tons of variety, but check back often to see our most recent additions!


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