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If you are looking for the ideal floor lamp to go with all of your beach home decor, you have come to the right place. From playful to sophisticated, fish lamps to surfboard or even nautilus shells, there is one that is perfect for you.

Now you can get any room in your home accessorized with coastal living floor lamps that feature a nautical inspiration. If you are looking for one that makes a fantastic conversation piece for when you have company, try one of these floor lamps. When you get two of them that match or even that just complement each other, you can make the room feel almost whimsical during the day when they are not turned on. At night though, any of these lamps will give you a gorgeous light that will dance off of your walls with beach decor and sea life.

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If you love the feel of sand beneath your toes, then a beach themed decor might be what you need in your home. Today, beach decor means you are focused on the obvious aspects of a beach. For those who live to collect seashells and sand dollars, there is no choice…you must have at least one room that is dedicated to coastal decor.

You can decorate with beach inspired accent rugs and throw pillows for that playful look or get accents that are solid colored and bright. Decorating the walls can be fun when you go with beach art. This can include canvas prints that are not framed, groupings of photos that are related to the beach, artist prints that are in frames, signs for the beach and even beach findings that have been shadow boxed.

To tie all of those elements together though, you will definitely need some beach inspired lamps such as the ones you see below. These gorgeous lamps will brighten up any room, but in one with a beach inspired theme, they will shine magnificently.


Compass Blue Round  Rug
This round rug is perfect. I also have the round rug that has the seashells in the middle. Both are beautiful and fit perfect in my beach theme powder room.
Bonnie Johnston
Jan 4, 2015