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Choosing light fixtures to cast your home in the right light – both metaphorically and literally speaking – is one of the more difficult aspects when designing a room. You want something that sets the tone of your home’s nautical personality while still remaining functional. Beachside bungalow yet modern. Utilitarian yet chic. Choose from a fine selection of hand-crafted coastal wall sconces wrought of iron, tin and other fine materials.
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Hammerhead sharks, dolphins and fish swim along your walls to illuminate its darkest corners. Like a lighthouse in the night, ambient lighting set in brass and wooden finishings guide you from room to room. Lighting fixtures reminiscent of potholes and docking lights give your home the subtle touch of brine its missed out on. There’s a reason nautical home decor has lasted through the ages: ocean blues, rope details and decorative seashells remind you of sunny days to evoke feelings of peaceful afternoons spent by the sea. Days kept busy with nothing to do but nap, relax and enjoy life as it is in the moment. It's easy to go over the top with nautical decor, which is why a couple sconces make the perfect balance between ocean chic and modern functionality. It's official: a nautical sconce is the perfect compliment to any room for that extra touch of beach and brine. Whether your home is a mid-century modern or beachside bungalow, sconces radiate the right amount of light without being too overwhelming. Showcase living room walls, a new piece of art or your family's photo gallery. Say goodbye to harsh overhead lighting and embrace the romantic atmosphere of a nautical wall sconce. Whether you're creating an under-the-sea theme bathroom for your kids or adding a subtle maritime accent for your kitchen, many beach style wall sconces are available to help you create the look you want.


Captiva Table Lamp
I love this lamp! It is very high quality and well worth the price. I have been to the island of Captiva several times and this lamp will be a very sentimental addition to my home. The best sea shells in the world are on Captiva and Sanibel Islands!
Ms. anita carver
Jul 31, 2014

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