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Nautical Furniture For Beach Homes

Whether you own a little summer getaway or you're in charge of furnishing a rental, you need the right kind of furniture to make it a fun and whimsical place to stay. Having a theme of nautical furniture can really help to tie the place together.

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Having a cohesive design helps set the mood and can subconsciously effect both a guest's attitude and their overall stay. Picture coming in the house after a day spent sailing and seeing a surfboard shelf or canoe-shaped bookcase. You shake off the sand, knowing that you'll be eating fresh seafood with local wine that night. You hop in the shower and emerge feeling relaxed. The cool ocean breeze comes in through the screen door, and your biggest worry is trying to decide whether or not to fish or whale watch tomorrow. Your whole experience is made complete by centering all of your attention around the joy of being around the water. 

Eat your dinner off a trunk table and mix your drinks at a stateroom bar. There are a lot of ways to place the nautical furniture about the home: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dens can all get an upgrade with just a few signature pieces that can make the whole house feel like it has a uniform interior throughout. Driftwood makes the perfect base for a table and an enlarged compass makes for the perfect top. Sitting at a captain's desk and writing postcards is an excellent time for reflection on the events of the day, a log of the vacation or weekend stay. These objects can really make an impression and keeps positive associations of any beach house. Our well-made nautical furniture can withstand the wear and tear that will come from the many people, suitcases and equipment that are bound to traipse in and out of the residence. Buying it now means that it will be outfitted for years to come with timeless designs.


Mermaid Embroidered Pillow
Absolutely Perfect Pillow! Beautiful colors with a fun touch of whimsy : )
Dana Echols
May 20, 2015