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Imagine dining on a seaside veranda, the air clean and fresh with the scent of the ocean. You spent the day enjoying the water and the peaceful lifestyle built around the rhythm of the waves, and now you can enjoy the fruits of the sea. Your dish, caught fresh that morning, is sumptuous, prepared with skill and imagination. Between bites, you can almost taste the salt as the waves break on rocks below. In the center of the table, candles preside over the meal atop elegant and charming candelabras or candle holders, flickering gently in the breeze. Or perhaps they don't flicker much, seeing as they are enclosed by a sleek glass shell. But the light they cast seems to transform the scene into a postcard perfect moment.

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Now imagine these candelabras or candle holders on your own table. Your dining room transforms from a place to scarf down TV dinners to your own personal cafe by the sea. Set these candelabras on tables, shelves, or mantles and watch as that seaside charm fills the entire room. The light dances and plays off of the metal and glass, each glint a wink and a promise that someday, someday soon, you'll get back to the ocean. But until then, you can envelop you and yours in that romantic dancing light that comes from candle light set in a beautiful display holder. Even as day breaks and the candle has burnt out, the holder sits graceful and bright where you left it, radiating a warmth all its own.


Custom Coordinates Vintage Sea Turtle Serving Tray
We sent this to friends who hosted us at their sea turtle themed home in Nantucket. I was personalized and they loved it. We added 4 stemless turtle etched wine glasses to go with it. They checked to confirm the lettering was what we wanted before shipping. We would definately use beachdecorshop again.
LEG-Cape Cod
Sep 19, 2017

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