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Imagine dining on a seaside veranda, the air clean and fresh with the scent of the ocean. You spent the day enjoying the water and the peaceful lifestyle built around the rhythm of the waves, and now you can enjoy the fruits of the sea. Your dish, caught fresh that morning, is sumptuous, prepared with skill and imagination. Between bites, you can almost taste the salt as the waves break on rocks below. In the center of the table, candles preside over the meal atop elegant and charming candelabras or candle holders, flickering gently in the breeze. Or perhaps they don't flicker much, seeing as they are enclosed by a sleek glass shell. But the light they cast seems to transform the scene into a postcard perfect moment.

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Sharks Door Mat
Cutest outdoor mats!! I love the watercolor looking shark image. They are even cuter in person then I thought they'd be..thank you so much.
Pam Ferrante
Jul 11, 2016

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