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Sometimes all it takes is a subtle splash of color, a nostalgic scene, or a whimsical figure to inspire comfort and relaxation in your beach-themed home. Whether you’re outfitting your seaside cottage or want an understated seashore motif in your favorite room, the perfect piece of wall art can make a powerful statement that’ll transport you in ways unimaginable. The Coastal Wall Decor collection brings you classic maritime-inspired paintings and other decorative accents that blend the finest qualities of traditional and modern beach art. Each piece awakens your senses with a variety of crisp whites, breezy blues, cool greens, and other vibrant hints of seaside living.

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The entire line of coastal wall decor, wall art paintings, and beach artwork blends seamlessly with your home’s existing interior design, promising a discreet—but dazzling—elegance perfect for every beach-lover. The Coastal Art gallery offers lovely seaside landscapes, nostalgic shore portraitures, quaint weathered frames, reclaimed wood creations, and much more. Bring a bright, beachy ambiance and the pure essence of tranquility to any room with the image of a captivating skyline, a sandy shore landscape, or a unique seafaring creature—with Coastal Art.

Life can by tiring. Weeks can be long. When you lay your head on the nautical pillow at the close of an exhausting day, what do you see?

If you’re like most people, the bedroom is your sanctuary, a special retreat where you can escape and seek solace from work and stress. What better way to inspire relaxation and soothe your senses than the addition of a stunning piece from Coastal Art? Bring your refuge’s décor together with one simple, striking artwork depicting a stirring ocean setting. When you open your eyes after a peaceful night of sleep, take in the picturesque dunes and rolling waves of the coast before facing the day. Or, perhaps a subtle seahorse, fish, or shell accent will make you smile every time you catch it in your view. Transform your abode—and transport yourself—to a quaint seaside port, a wondrous cliffside setting, a comfy beach chair. The sky’ and sea’s the limit—with the Coastal Wall Art collection.



Coastal Lamp Life Guard Chair Table Lamp - Cottage Classic Red
Lamp base as pictured. Very satisfied. Wish more choice of lamp shades made available.
Franklin Stahan
Jul 23, 2021

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