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Floor Cloth The Alternative Floor Cover

Keeping your beloved beach home clean is a troublesome task. The summer months mean high traffic activity as family and guests trek to the beach, bay, boardwalk, and back. So, when it comes time to choose the right area rugs to thoughtfully decorate your coastal cottage, consider an alternative solution to the usual fabric carpets. For use over hardwood and other flat, hard surfaces, discover the amazing versatility and durability of Floor Cloth: The Alternative Floor Cover.

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Inspired by the hardy vintage floor cloths of yesteryear, today’s model is comprised of resilient non-slip vinyl. Each stunning rug comes ready in a variety of dimensions to fit every space in your seaside abode. Best of all, modern manufacturers are able to render the most vivid, beautiful colors and patterns that won’t fade no matter where you put it. From the outside patio space to the formal dining room, a Floor Cloth covers and protects your precious floors while serving as a decorative piece unto itself. Shop stunning checkered, swirl, flower, and other classic designs that complement any décor. You’ll find bold greens and blues, fiery reds and oranges, and a host of popular color combinations to suit your liking. With a worn but luxurious look in your kitchen, living room, and more, you'll adore the piece's charming nod to the prints and patterns of a bygone era. Best of all, dirt, sand, and water are no match for Floor Cloth!

Do you ever cringe when your kids come running up the path with sandy beach stuff in tow? Stop stressing about tracking dirt and debris through your shore house by safeguarding every space with a quality Floor Cloth. Picture this: your pretty enclosed patio has a cool, comforting blue color scheme. To complement the formal furniture and décor of the room, you place a gorgeous white on blue vinyl Floor Cloth right near the door. Now, every time the little ones track in the day’s usual dose of sand, you’ll rest easy knowing your rug won’t be bruised and battered. Designed with the classic mosaic of age-old linoleum, the stunning piece will be a conversation-starter for many seasons to come.


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Love the colors on this urg! Seems to be of good quality.
Julie Clouser
Aug 6, 2015