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Metal Wall Sculpture

Were they salvaged from the masthead of wayward ships dashed on the rocks the night the lighthouse keeper fell in love? Hammered from the copper still that distilled the rum for an island empire? Hammered out by an eccentric beachcomber who mumbles about the fish that took his hand? Maybe, maybe not, but these durable metal beach art pieces will tell tales of the seas wherever you place them. Metal is a perfect compliment to the sea, rough or polished, unyielding and firm. These finely crafted works evoke the beauty and mystery of a life lived near an ocean. Now you can add that ageless charm to your home, whether you live in a bungalow beach-side or a condo deep in the city.

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These nautical metal wall artworks, with their denizens of the depths cast into bronze, iron, and aluminum, transport anyone around them to a more peaceful place. Your home will feel like a coastal resort, decked out with the spoils of the sea. You don't need salt in the air or sand between your toes to relax and live on island time. You just need the metal art that speaks of the vastness beyond the coast. Where did you get such gorgeous metal art, your guests will ask. Recovered from the belly of a whale? Won in a poker game from a Tahitian deckhand? Dropped by a mermaid on a first date? With one of these artworks, you can weave your own fish tale to match the wonder and majesty on your walls.


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