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Sailboat Home Decor

Is there any nautical symbol quite as serene as the sailboat? Whether you live on the water or not, this essential beach image has the ability to inspire a cool, calm, relaxing feel in any space. And with the Sailboat Home Décor collection, you too can achieve that sense of escape in your beach, lake or other coastal home. The vast and varied collection offers stunning sailboat furnishings and décor for every room from the kitchen to the bedroom—and even a few gorgeous fixtures for your outdoor spaces.

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Water-loving adventurers choose from exquisitely handcrafted sailboat throw pillows, area rugs, and framed wall art, thoughtfully decorating every room with a cohesive theme for all to admire. You’ll also find a diverse selection of sailboat wall sconces, overhead lighting, etched glassware, wall mirrors, plaques, throw blankets, and beyond. Best of all, the rendering of each unique boat and its breathtaking sail makes an amazing opportunity for personalization. Is blue your favorite color? What about pink, green, or yellow? You’ll find every hue of the rainbow represented in these sailboat treasures. Whether you need a small accessory to finish a waterfront theme in the guest room, or a whimsical flag for your seaside garden, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Sailboat Home Décor collection. Even if you’re landlocked, the liberating image of a pretty sailboat inspires ultimate relaxation all year long.

Picture this vision of paradise. You walk outside your front door on a warm, breezy day, the sun beating down as you gaze out across the water reflecting in the distance. You catch a glimpse of a peaceful sailboat cruising calmly across the surface of the sea. Moving back to your secluded slice of heaven, you see that spectacular sight continued all around. On top of your quaint little beach cottage shed, you spy a delightful sailboat weathervane moving to and fro. Nearby on the front porch, a charming sailboat address plaque proudly displays your seaside locale. With a far off summer storm rolling in, you decide to head indoors, where a brilliant sailboat pendant light casts a spell over your brand new kitchen island. You grab a matching sailboat coaster, pour a glass of wine in your etched sailboat stemware, and settle in for a cozy night. Can you imagine anything more relaxing?


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Mary Jo LeGare-Hoffman
Aug 19, 2019

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