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Decorating your shore house shouldn’t be a hassle, but a pleasure. There are so many unique décor brands available that there’s never a chance that two houses are the same. But to ensure yours is absolutely one-of-a-kind and special enough to show off for all to admire, consider a few quality pieces from the Sea and Shell brand of beach décor products. This magnificent shore art dealer brings you exquisitely handcrafted wall mirrors and other framed décor befitting any beach setting. Whether you live right on the dunes of the Atlantic, along the shores of a lakeside destination or on a floating houseboat along the river, shop quality mirrors framed with gorgeous seashells, sand, reeds and other quintessential shore materials. These accent pieces go perfectly in a bathroom or bedroom, but they also blend seamlessly with the coastal décor in your living room, hallway, dining space, patio and beyond. From oysters to abalone snails to sea urchins and beyond, find your favorite shore critters represented beautifully throughout this reflective collection.

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Does your beach house entranceway need a decorative update? Beyond an accent table or welcome mat, consider outfitting the space with durable but ornate furnishings that are perfect for dropping off your towel and flip flops after a long day on the beach. Picture this. You start by installing a coastal inspired coat hook where guests can hang their jackets, towels and more. Down below, a decorative mat houses your family’s shoes and sandals when they come home from a trek through the sand. Finally, turn to the Sea and Shell collection of wall mirrors for an ideal piece to hang directly above your hallway accent table. Before leaving the house each day, you’re able to check your hair and appearance in a stunning coral framed mirror from this sensational lineup. The piece is so lovely, you decide to purchase a few more—a square oyster shell mirror for the bedroom, and a rustic painted driftwood mirror for the guest bathroom. You won’t find anything as wonderfully lavish and one-of-a-kind in typical stores, so be sure to check back often for more fabulous finds from the Sea and Shell brand.


Personalized Sailfish Clock
Beach decor shop personalized Clark is a real winner. They customized the clock, kept in touch and got it here fast. It’s a great looking piece and a a great value overall.
Dave L
Apr 28, 2021

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