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Whether you live in a high-rise city apartment or right on the sand in a quaint beach bungalow, RightSide Design Coastal Lifestyle Home Decor brings you the perfect throw pillows and clocks to complement your sea-loving soul. Shop from a vast selection of indoor and outdoor pillows in every shape, size, and pattern to fit each nook and cranny of your comfy cottage. Then, check out RightSide’s metal clocks and other wall art in absolutely adorable nautical-inspired designs. Make sure to pick up a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece for your living room, bedroom, guest room, patio, and so much more. You can’t go wrong—with RightSide.

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The collection caters to an eclectic design aesthetic, but at every turn, RightSide Design captures the bright, happy colors and picturesque creatures that make shore decor so distinctive. Shop from a number of handcrafted pillows featuring stunning mermaids, majestic whales, scallop shells, dolphins, octopuses, and beyond. Every throw is meticulously embroidered with its own unique flair. RightSide even incorporates stunning metallic beadwork, faux pearls, tulle, and other curious fabrics for a special touch. While many pieces are crafted in 100% durable, earthy cotton, the brand also offers polyester blends that hold up great on the deck or poolside. Discover interesting envelope-style pillows, mix and match them with a classic square or oblong shape, and you’ll master the diverse shore style. Finally, browse their wall offerings, including a number of metal clocks with weathered trim and marine life imagery. From awe-inspiring waves to crafty crustaceans, nautical anchors to tropical coral, you’ll find everything—and more—from RightSide Design. Do you love your fresh white bedroom decor? Nothing compares to the crisp, simple colors of a shore-inspired bed with lush cotton sheets and duvet. But would it hurt to add just a little panache? Consider a charming decorative pillow from RightSide Design. When you wake up to a delightful embroidered turtle or golden starfish friend, you can’t help but crack a smile. Family and friends will also adore your sea-inspired flair, so make sure to grab a few more pieces for every room in the home. Everyone will wake up on the RightSide of the bed!


Starfish Beach Time Clock
just lovely -- beautiful colors
Kathy R.
Mar 28, 2019

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