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Have you ever traveled down the East Coast in search of some stunning scenery? People come to these nautical destinations in search of one classic seashore symbol: the lighthouse. From Massachusetts to New Jersey to the Carolinas and beyond, a majestic lookout provides brilliant light amidst the darkness of the vast sea. If you’d like to bring the wondrous presence of the lighthouse to your beach or suburban home, choose a piece of luxury wall art from the Lighthouse Classics collection. This renowned brand of framed wall art and photography is comprised of some of the most iconic images of lighthouses with lovely black and white effect. Whether you’re searching for a small something for a bathroom, guest bedroom, hallway or living room, these awe-inspiring pictures are truly universal. The collection also offers plenty of gift-giving options, especially if someone in your family has a soft spot for the Carolinas. From Cape Hatteras to Oak Island, every recognizable lighthouse is commemorated in this one-of-a-kind set of framed masterpieces. Choose wisely—but rest easy knowing they are all beautiful.

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Does your beach house kitchen lack that certain style to adequately express your love of the coast? Pay homage to an eye-catching image with a pretty lighthouse framed wall art. Imagine this easy update. You choose a convenient 8x10 print of a great red lighthouse and position it perfectly in a little nook above your cupboard. Then, over near the dining room table, you situate a collection of four 18x24 Carolina lighthouse prints for a fun collage-like effect. You admire each treasure’s quality wood frame, which adds an instant rustic feel to your comfortable cottage kitchen. You also love gazing at each scene’s quintessential East Coast imagery, such as grassy marsh, blowing reeds, flying gulls and more. Every time you come downstairs, brew up some coffee and open the paper, you can’t help but get lost in the relaxing maritime style of your sensational space—and it’s all thanks to the Lighthouse Classics brand.


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Bought two, and my sister and I LOVE them for our beach homes! Can't wait to get my starfish floor lamp!
lisa d
Apr 1, 2019

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