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You need a few essential elements to transform a home from merely “nice” to truly cozy and inviting. Decorators know that a comfy couch isn’t enough. To inspire warmth, relaxation, and all those carefree feelings that the beach is known for, a coastal cottage needs a variety of accents including throw pillows, blankets, area rugs, and other complementary furnishings. These small touches allow you to blend interesting colors, patterns, and textures while providing guests the snug welcome they desire. In order to achieve the perfect shore vibe, Jaipur Living brings you a vast collection of accent pieces in a variety of styles, whether you’re looking for neutrals, blues, browns, or grays. Each offering is sure to infuse lived-in charm in any modern or traditional home—no matter how close to the shore you reside.

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Jaipur Living specializes in both classic and contemporary area rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and more. Ideal for a beach living room, family room, dining area, bedroom, or guest quarters, these unique furnishings ensure utmost quality, durability, and style to suit everyone’s taste. For a large space with hardwood floors, a room-filling area rug in tropical, floral, damask, trellis, or another pretty pattern (or solid color) does wonders. These wall-to-wall accents are an amazing solution to keeping sand and dirt off your precious floors—while adding gorgeous coastal flair all will admire. For your big sectional sofa, a set of Jaipur’s one-of-a-kind throw pillows is an absolute must. Mix and match colors and styles with fun animal prints, solid blues, yellows, reds, and tons of contemporary patterns. You’ll also find soft, handcrafted throw blankets to toss over the back of a chair with carefree abandon. Ever have that feeling that something is just “missing” in your living room? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many items we add—the space just feels empty. But picture this: you arrange your big, comfy couch and recliner set neatly around the coffee table. You fill the furniture’s wide-open space with pillow after pillow, assembling a stunning lineup of chic colors and patterns. Over the arm of the chair, a relaxing shore throw blanket begs you to wrap yourself in its embrace. And underneath? One of Jaipur’s signature area rugs in natural ivory pulls the look together. Coastal comfort has never been so beautiful.


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Love it. Very pretty. Perfect for every day use or special occasion. Shipment received quickly.
Alicia Kulp
Dec 12, 2017

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