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Sailboat imagery is instantly recognizable. From pretty stark white sails and colorful numbers to sensational stitching and other symbolism, seafaring culture and its many materials make a wonderful template for your unique shore home décor. Striving for ecofriendly designs that are practical, durable and delightfully trendy, the Ella Vickers collection brings you interesting blankets, tote bags, shower curtains, garment bags, chairs, pillow covers and other essential accessories comprised of recycled sailcloths. These statement pieces are great conversation starters, but they’re also endlessly unique in their ability to elevate a space with total sophistication. From the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom, enjoy awe-inspiring designs you can hang, carry, wear and more. Each piece in the Ella Vickers repertoire of products is meant to be cherished and talked about, so be prepared to field plenty of questions. Her sensationally artistic home furnishings bring a special nautical flair that you can’t replicate in any other way due to the brand’s authentically integrated materials. So head to the races or down to the beach for a day on the sand—and make sure to grab your Ella Vickers bag while you’re at it!

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When’s the last time you reimagined the theme in your coastal bathroom? Instead of the typical lighthouse or sea life motif, you can spruce things up with a bit of sailing inspiration by the Ella Vickers brand of home furnishings. Picture this incredible scene. In your pretty master bathroom, you decide to trade in your old bland shower curtain for something that embraces maritime design. While a sprawling ship or a giant whale might do the trick, you decide that a true piece of sailcloth will be outrageously durable—and delightful—in its visually interesting design. You choose a curtain made out of an old racing boat sail, a relaxing white piece with fun blue “53” symbol. Every time you enter your coastal spa, you’ll be reminded of the posh races and the yachtie friends you’ve made over the years (or in your dreams!). You love the curtain so much that you decide to purchase a matching sailcloth tote bag to carry your beach gear in each day. When people ask about your unbelievable style, remember to give Ella Vickers a nod of thanks!


Sand Shell 15X72 Table Runner, Ecru
Gave this table runner as a gift to my sister for her new dining room table in a beach decor dining room. She loves it. Quality materials, well-made, perfect complement to casual beach decor.
Katie D
Dec 28, 2018

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