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If there’s one challenge that comes with living at the shore, it’s keeping up with your garden. Given the salty sand and sometimes harsh weather, it can be difficult to maintain your outdoor landscaping between all those trips to the beach and boardwalk. But for those of us who proudly flaunt our green thumbs, there are plenty of solutions for tending to your flowers and plants at the beach. The Coastal Planters collection lets you enjoy your hobby both indoors and out, providing a plethora of decorative options for safely housing and artfully displaying your botanical creations. Beach shoppers can find tons of charming planters featuring their favorite marine life and nautical symbols such as seashells, whales, starfish, and sailboats. For your kitchen or living room, a gorgeous hanging planter adds instant appeal. Or, for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or den, consider a wall-mounted planter where you can transplant some stunning sunflowers, daisies or marigolds.

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Lobster Etched Dof Glass Set
Very nice glasses. Beautiful etching of a lobster on each glass, heavy, solid bottom. This is the second set of 4 glasses that I have ordered.
Carla Shaw
Dec 10, 2015

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