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Bathroom Hooks and Towel Bars

You never forget swimming in the ocean. Whether it’s bathwater warm on a tropical beach or bracingly cold on a Cape Cod morning, the ocean feels like no other water. That rhythmic motion makes the water feel alive, and us in it, gently rocked towards shore, more alive as well. Your towel was the first reminder of life on land. But as it grew damp, it remembered the ocean. You can remember the ocean, too, with beach themed towel hooks, nautical towel bars, and toilet paper holders. Step from your shower or bath and gather your towel from a friendly starfish, crab, or other sea creature. As you dry off, cleansed, renewed, you remember the ocean from whence we all sprung, some millions of years ago.

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For your most private moments in your most private ocean themed bathroom, coastal themed toilet paper holders add a touch of serenity. That tranquility you have sitting by the sand, dreaming of the horizon, can now be yours sitting on your throne. You might even find yourself spending extra time in the bathroom among your sea themed bathroom accessories. Just because we have to spend time there doesn’t mean that this time should be stressful.

All coastal towel bars, hooks, and toilet paper holders are made from quality materials, designed to hold up all towels, bathrobes, and more, whether wet or dry. They’re sturdy, build to last, to add to the value of your home. You’ve got a heart that belongs on the beach, so why not have a coastal bathroom to match it.



Mermaid With Dolphins Statue
It is very nice sculpture.
Daniel Phillips
Jul 20, 2018

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