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Heron Décor Brings Sensational Sophistication to Your Beach Haven

March 20th, 2017 by JustinR

The blue heron is a majestic figure, an elusive bird that’s a real treat to see if you live by the beach or bay. This lovely creature is unmistakable with its beautiful silvery feathers and graceful presence. So, it’s only natural that we embrace its enchanting image for our equally gorgeous beach homes. If you’re hoping to upgrade an existing room with some interesting décor or accessories, consider these ideas for decorating with blue heron beach décor.

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Lake House Lighting Ideas: Prepare to Be Amazed

March 16th, 2017 by JustinR

Whether you live down the beach, up in the mountains, or right on the shores of a placid lake, life in the splendid outdoors is always awe-inspiring. It’s important to reflect the beauty of nature in our indoor spaces as well. That’s why we’ve thought of some incredible ideas for incorporating flush mount lighting fixtures into your lake home. Featuring unique silhouettes of the wilderness, water, animal life, and beyond, these one-of-a-kind lamps are sure to impress even the most discerning homeowners. Read on for some fabulous tips for decorating with lake house lighting.

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Want Nautical Luxury? You Won’t Believe What a Little Rope Can Do

March 13th, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever been to a nautical themed restaurant or bar down the shore? You can’t help but admire their perfect furnishings and artwork. From buoys, anchors, and sails to rustic wood materials and accents, maritime chic never goes out of style. The problem is, it’s difficult to find these unique supplies in typical stores. So in true seaside fashion, you have to turn to a premium beach décor dealer for some help.

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Ready to Turn on the Charm? Beach Dog Décor is Absolutely Adorable

March 8th, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever taken your dog to the beach on a sunny, breezy afternoon? Watching him run and play is a true delight. There’s something about the wide-open sand that inspires a pup’s playful freedom—and it’s truly inspiring. Now, if you want to capture that irresistible charm in the comfort of your home, pay homage to your canine companion with some amazingly unique pieces of beach dog décor. These furnishings and accessories feature the cute, cuddly images of your favorite four-legged friends amidst bold, vibrant colors and ocean-inspired patterns. Here are some tips for bringing dog décor home this summer.

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Want a New Kind of Paradise? Welcome the Pelican

March 7th, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever seen a pelican in action? These birds are quite elusive, and depending on where you reside, you may be hard-pressed to spot one in the wild. But when that magic moment happens and you see this flying creature land on his waterfront post, all is right with the world.

In short, the pelican has mesmerized people for centuries with its superior hunting skills and overall magnificence. In the past few years, interior designers are catching on to this offbeat choice in theme, integrating the image of the pelican in their chic home designs. If you want to update an existing room in your coastal home, check out these ideas for filling your world with pelican home décor. Read the rest of this entry »

Nautical Accent Pillows: Who Doesn’t Love a Theme?

March 3rd, 2017 by JustinR

Decorating a beach house is a truly unique experience. Coastal lifestyle trends give plenty of opportunity to mix and match color, texture, and theme, making any vision effortlessly appealing. If you’re starting to populate your beach house with fun ocean-inspired furnishings, remember that nautical throw pillows are key accessories for creating that cozy, lived-in feel. Here are some ideas for perfecting a charming theme with these comfy, versatile cushions.

What’s a fun throw pillow theme for my beach house living room?

It’s true: everyone loves a theme. And when you live down the shore, it’s natural to gravitate toward your favorite sea creature. A fun blue octopus hook pillow is absolutely adorable for those with an affinity for all things squid, but why stop there? You can create an amazing deep-sea diving theme with a matching whale pillow, sea turtle needlepoint pillow, or mermaid pillow. Imagine a stunning three blue whales wool pillow on a sectional sofa, rocking chair, or lounger. Assemble all your favorite ocean animals, and your living room will feel like an underwater aquarium.

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Choose Flamingo Décor for a Festive Feel

March 2nd, 2017 by JustinR

Nothing says “tropical” quite like the stunning pink flamingo. This charming bird is often overlooked, but it’s a quintessential symbol of summer, conjuring images of a sunny, breezy Southern setting amidst the palm trees. If you’re hoping to infuse a bright, vibrant feel in your summer home, look no further than unique pink flamingo décor. Here are some ideas for decorating your space with accessories featuring the coolest, most colorful creature in the world.

What are some classy flamingo accessories for my living room?

When choosing your beach home’s color scheme and theme, don’t forget the flamingo. This flamboyant bird seems over-the-top at first glance, but when you consider its gorgeous color and understated potential, you’re sure to change your mind. A subtle flamingo throw pillow brings instant appeal to any beige or white-walled space. With touches of pink and blue, guests can’t help but fall in love with its delicate charm. You can complement a few pillows with a lovely flamingo area rug, which goes great as a floor mat by the front door or produly showcased by the kitchen entryway.

How can I have a flamingo theme in my shore house bedroom?

To carry a pink flamingo theme throughout your home, pick up a few decorative pieces that can move from room to room. For a master or guest bedroom, a fleece flamingo throw blanket is incredibly versatile. Draped over a rocking chair, spread across the bed, or wrapped tightly around your shoulders on a chilly night, a warm, silky throw is the perfect nod to the tropics. You can even find a unique flamingo hamper for laundry or towels. With the gentle pink silhouette of this signature exotic bird, you can’t help but smile every time you’re doing chores. Read the rest of this entry »

Designing a Dream Beach Themed Room? It’s Easier Than You Think

February 27th, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever thumbed through the pages of a designer home catalog and admired the stunning coastal ambiance they’ve managed to perfect? Planning your own beach house décor can be a daunting task. But with the right mix of imagination and quality furnishings, you can live the luxurious life without totally breaking your budget.

Here are some amazing ideas for designing your dream beach themed room. Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating Your Shore Getaway with These Signs

January 31st, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever been to Key West? One of the most amazing parts of this special city are the many unique directional and other artful signs that line its many streets and docks. If you want that same carefree, tropical feel at your summertime compound, consider bringing some decorative spirit both indoors and outdoors. Adorn your front yard, backyard, garden, living room, or pool house with amazing beach signs and garden poles. These charmingly rustic furnishings are often comprised of durable reclaimed materials, so they work just as well in any outdoor climate. Here’s some beach sign inspiration to get you started.

What are some ideas for decorating with beach signs?

Your shore home lacks pizzazz. So how can you make your mark in a colorful way? Bring the indoors out with a stunning piece of beach wood art commemorating your favorite place in the world. These handcrafted treasures go great in any area of your coastal inspired yard or garden. Each item’s gorgeously textured wood grain is UV-protected to withstand intense weather. That means it’ll go perfectly on the exterior of your home, against a shed, installed on a fence, or right in the eye of the hurricane. You can find fun beach saying signs, surfboard reclaimed wall art, and other interesting themes to fit your shore environment.

How can I make my shore house garden stand out in the neighborhood?

Landscaping can be tricky at the beach, as many hot, tropical climates make it difficult to grow grass. Whether you have an exceptionally green thumb or have opted for a pretty rock garden, be sure to decorate it thoughtfully with a set of incredible American home garden poles featuring fun patriotic flair. To embrace color, you can also line your home’s winding walkway with some beach totem poles. Artisans cover lightweight PVC with their gorgeous beach designs for long-lasting fade-proof resilience.

How can I make my deck or boat slip super special?

Bring a smile to every sailor’s face with an entertaining outdoor sign with beach saying. Unlike typical wall art, these endlessly durable pieces are expertly finished with acid-free, fade-resistant materials and come ready to hook for your convenience. A directional sign pointing “to the ocean” is a delightful addition to any seaside wharf. Or, why not pin a gone fishing plaque to your front door? That’ll let visitors know where they can always find you (and it isn’t home!).

Have You Heard of Picnic Time? This is a Beach Gear Revolution

January 20th, 2017 by JustinR

Over the past few years, a little-known company has taken the beach gear industry by storm. Integrating cool functionality, ergonomic features, and an artisanal touch, Picnic Time offers a variety of beach and outdoor accessories that are as practical as they are novel. Today, the brand is a favorite of beachgoers all over the world.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a unique birthday, holiday, or anytime gift for the favorite beach lover in your life, look no further. Here are some awesomely unique items sure to satisfy their thirst for sun, sand—and a drink in their hand.

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