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These Sealife Glass Side Tables Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

June 8th, 2017 by JustinR

Catch a new decor wave with one-of-a-kind coastal bases on glass side tables featuring mermaid, sailfish, dolphins, sea turtles, crane, crabs, coral and other sealife. Some people love the mountains, some love the beach, and others love the desert. But you? You’re in love with the sea. Decorate with one of these unique coastal glass top tables.



Therefore, it’s no surprise to you, as well as others, that you’ve remodeled a small room in your home after the thing you love most with one or two glass top side tables.

The walls are painted blue, light green, and white to imitate the colors of the ocean. You’re surrounded by waves of all sizes, big and small. Images of sea life are also etched into the walls with paint. There are shrimp, schools of fish, sea anemones, sea horses, whales, and even sharks. You always feel truly at home whenever you find yourself in this room.



To complete the ocean-like feel and contribute some function to the room, you have adorned the room with sea life glass side tables modeled after the ocean and sea creatures. The furniture pieces are painted all sorts of colors: blues, greens, reds, etc.

Due to the excellent job you did decorating the beach themed room, the room is not only a source of peace for you, but it is also a source of peace for your family as well. Your family members go to this room to play, to read, and to just relax.




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