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The Power of a Stylish Ocean Inspired Shower Curtain

September 19th, 2017 by JustinR

With the right piece of beach furniture, décor, wall art or sculpture, transforming a room can be incredibly simple. Still, you want to cater to each room’s distinct theme or color scheme, taking care to choose items that won’t overwhelm or distract.

If you’re hoping to put a stylish spin on the design motif of your beach bathroom, consider making a powerful statement with the addition of an ocean inspired shower curtain. These unique masterpieces have the ability to elevate the room’s sense of luxury and escape, paying homage to your favorite seafaring imagery.

How can I make my beach bathroom feel big and expensive?

Shore house bathrooms sometimes lack the space and depth of those in suburbia. With too much décor, the room can quickly become claustrophobic and cluttered. Avoid this undesired effect by limiting your shore bathroom décor to just a few simple essentials. Imagine an interesting octopus shower curtain setting a fun maritime mood in the space. Match it with a sensational blue whale bath rug, and your nautical theme will be complete. When you select neutral whites, tans and blue tones, the bathroom will instantly feel larger and more luxurious.

What’s a fun shower curtain for a kids’ bathroom?

If you have a dedicated bathroom where your children shower off after a day at the beach, definitely embrace a funky shore theme. Imagine a majestic ship shower curtain around the bathtub, or for a little girls’ bathroom, a cartoon shower curtain with pink flamingos. You can’t help but smile seeing your little one enjoy their themed bathroom for the summer season. Match the former with some cool blue hand towels and a nautical red bath mat. The latter would go great with a set of pretty pink towels and a green rug to give the room some colorful cohesion.

What’s a simple beach bath curtain that will last for many years?

If durability is your desire, stick with a quality handcrafted shower curtain you can use with an inner liner, thereby giving you many seasons of dependable use. A hand embroidered seahorse shower curtain is a perfectly simple solution. With its crisp, cool cotton, refreshing white color and dainty little embroidered details, the room will ooze with effortless elegance. The neutral color goes perfectly with any existing wall color, and its percale weave is so universal, you’ll want to buy three more.

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