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Have a Happy Haunted Halloween Down the Shore This Season

September 13th, 2017 by JustinR

When’s the last time you headed down the beach past the month of September? Well, for some of us seafaring souls, summer lasts all year long. Even though the temperatures drop and the tourists head home, we continue with our yearly traditions with the stunning ocean as our backdrop. In particular, autumn can be a lovely month at the shore, and you may even have a trick-or-treater or two!

If you’re thinking about decorating your coastal home for this year’s Halloween celebration, think no more! Consider these amazing ideas for adorning your abode with elegant, exciting art, fixtures and home furnishings incorporating both Halloween and your favorite place on earth—the beach.

What’s a fun way to decorate my beach house porch for Halloween?

The best part of celebrating fall is showing off all your funky decorations for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. If you’re looking forward to spooking the local kids and inspiring their parents, freshen up your front walkway or porch with a ghost welcome mat comprised of premium coconut fibers. Durable enough to handle sand, mud and water, this all-weather staple brings an amazing touch of orange to an otherwise muted home. You can complement it nicely with an unexpected bat and moon weathervane, a pirate skull flag and other exquisite outdoor décor.

How can I integrate pumpkins into my beach house décor?

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a jack o lantern or two, but who wants to bother with the messy chore of carving one? Instead, invest in a set of handcrafted coastal pumpkins, which are available in a variety of decorative etchings. Choose from a crusty crab, pretty waves, stunning starfish, among other classic shore imagery. Designed with lifelike detail and durability, a couple of pumpkins go great lining your outdoor path, beneath a fireplace, or as a magnificent centerpiece on your dining room table. For the latter, pair it with a beautiful Halloween table runner.

How can I serve guests down the shore this Halloween?

Be sure to trade out your typical coastal glasses for some appropriately themed fall barware and other kitchen essentials. A set of stemless etched jack o lantern glasses is an ideal solution, retaining that classic elegant feel with a subtle Halloween twist. Imagine guests sipping your homemade holiday sangria out of these funky vessels. Set up the bar or coffee table with some matching Halloween coasters, and you can protect your precious shore house furniture in spellbinding style. Each features the picture of a witch, owl, bat or other traditional Halloween symbol.


No matter the décor you decide, just remember: holidays are always more happening down the beach!

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