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Rustic chic is perpetually in fashion, and for good reason. Antique wood blends well with any style décor, whether you live right on the coast or deep in the countryside. Furniture with that “lived-in” feel brings interesting character and comfort to truly any space. If you’re hoping to upgrade your existing living room, bedroom or dining room, consider the charming fine home furnishings in the Two Day Designs collection. This premier furniture supplier offers rustic inspired pieces with classic beach house design in mind. Shore dwellers find gorgeous tables, chairs, chests, armoires, cupboards, consoles, accent pieces and other essential pieces comprised of exquisite reclaimed and other styles of quality wood. Each is artfully treated and stained to a beautiful finish, promising many years of dependable enjoyment. From a lovely bistro table and bar chairs for your home patio to a classic set of accent tables for opposite ends of your living room sofa, there’s a sensational piece just waiting to be discovered for every room in your coastal home. Maritime buyers can check out everything from a lovely captain’s chest to a magnificent entertainment center console. Each rustic piece is sure to put the finishing touch on your seafaring space.

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Is your combined dining room and kitchen area missing that special “shore” something? With the Two Day Designs collection, you can infuse that unmistakable carefree beach vibe knowing your furniture will be durable enough to last many seasons. Picture this. An adorable Maine cupboard brings a whimsical nautical touch along a quaint wall. You fill it with your favorite china, flatware and other accessories. Then, over on the other side, a distressed kitchen cupboard exudes pure rustic delight. Within its protective walls you house all your dry snacks and pantry items. Tying it all together, you purchase a dining room table set made from beautiful reclaimed barrel staves. The combination of shabby chic materials, cool, neutral coloring and incredible craftsmanship takes your room from ordinary to extraordinary—and it’s all thanks to the Two Day Designs collection.


Sand Shell 15X72 Table Runner, Ecru
Gave this table runner as a gift to my sister for her new dining room table in a beach decor dining room. She loves it. Quality materials, well-made, perfect complement to casual beach decor.
Katie D
Dec 28, 2018

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