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You tip back your glass to take a swig of the water, wine, or whiskey. The liquid sloshes like waves inside and you notice there's an image on the on the double old fashioned glass. The image is inside the glass itself. It's part of it. The etched glass image is something that reminds you of the last time you saw the ocean. Maybe it was a crab, like steamed Dungeness crab you had after going for a swim on a beach on the California coast. Maybe it was an anchor, like the one near that historic shipwreck off of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Or maybe it was a ship, like the sailboats you saw on your honeymoon to southern Spain. Either way, it trigger a memory, a reminder of a time when all you worried about was whether you had applied enough sunscreen, and if your drinking glass was full. And you sip your beverage and relax.

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These etched glassware products bring a little bit of that easy seaside feeling to daily life. Charming images related to coastal life are etched into the glass itself, which means that it won't fade or wear out like printed images. As long as your glass survives, so does the reminder of a mellower time. After a long day, a drink – even of water – can help you unwind, transport your mind to the coast with all the tranquility of a day spent watching the waves. When you buy glassware etched with reminders of the sea, you get access to a mini-vacation to a memory any time you want, no extra charge.


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It's more beautiful than imagined!
Cindy Richards
Jul 29, 2016

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