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Every coastal retreat deserves its own assortment of unique, charming beach glassware. Whether you’re lining the shelves of your new shore house or simply want a touch of the sea in your beach themed kitchen, the Rolf Glass collection offers unmatched variety and sophistication. The diverse line of etched drinkware blends fashion with function to deliver gorgeous glass creations that’ll have you dazzling family and friends every night of the endless summer. Rolf Glass’s handcrafted treasures range from casual tumblers to quench your thirst on the porch, to more elegant designs befitting a poolside cocktail party in the Hamptons.

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The etched glass collection presents a number of beach themed motifs including a delightful array of underwater creatures and seaside staples. For a chic, refined look, consider a glassware set etched with a subtle seashell, palm tree, or heron design. Children and kids-at-heart will adore a sea of minnows swimming through their glass, or a friendly starfish, whale, or sea turtle design. When entertaining guests, mix and match sea shell, anchor, compass, and other classic maritime engravings for an enchanting bar setup. The Rolf Glass line specializes in the finest quality stemware including wine glasses, champagne flutes, double old fashioned glasses, martini glasses, beer glasses, tumblers, shot glasses, pitchers, decanters, goblets, and more. With the brand’s signature style of transparent glass etching, every meticulous piece is sure to complement the decor of your coastal kitchen, dining room, or bar. No matter the drinking or dining occasion, Rolf Glass will always have you prepared.   Imagine this. It’s a late August night, and as the season draws to a close, it’s time to say one last goodbye to the sun, sand, and your beloved summertime friends. Your backyard overlooking the bay glows with the delicate twinkle of string lights, and the faint smell of a barbecue clam bake wafts through the air. As family and friends unite in laughter, you complete the perfect scene by raising a toast. Sipping sweet wine and cold beer, your guests clink together their glasses and admire the charming school of fish etchings on their darling drinkware. You too can recreate this dreamy seaside soiree—even from your suburban kitchen—with the Rolf Glass wine and every day beverage collection.


School Of Fish Glasses
We have purchased these glasses before so we knew we were going to love the product - very high quality and unique!! What we were most impressed with is the fact that we ordered these glasses during Hurricane Florence and understandably did not expect to receive them for many weeks. However, we were absolutely shocked when our package arrived 4 DAYS after we ordered it!!! I have no idea how this company was able to manage that but well done!!! We had a great experience and will definitely be ordering again in the future!
Alana Prinos
Sep 30, 2018