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Any gift related to food or drink is a surefire way to someone’s heart. But if you're buying for a beachgoer, remember this one rule: enjoying a good meal—and a strong drink—is their way of life! If you’re looking for some special presents for yourself or a loved one who enjoys beach living, look no further than the fantastic offerings by Picnic Plus. This novelty brand brings you quality insulated drink coolers, bags, buckets, picnic baskets, and so much more. They even carry unique decorative items that go great in a lake or beachfront home. From an everyday lunch box to a nifty wine bag or cork cage, let Picnic Plus gladden every meal forevermore.

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Picnic Plus delivers all the essential elements necessary for easy beach living. Their pieces combine the convenience of space and insulation with fun unexpected patterns that play to your individual style. Beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can shop a huge selection of cooler totes ready to stock supplies for the entire family. From there, you’ll find amazing full-service picnic basket sets for a special meal or toast anywhere your adventures bring you. Most items are perfectly portable, so they fold up, collapse, and stow neatly when not in use. But contrary to what you might think, they are all beautifully crafted in bright, fun colors, charming patterns, and highly durable materials. From tailgate tables, stadium seats, and tub coolers to funky cork and bottle cap cages, there’s something for everyone and everything—by Picnic Plus. Ever find yourself down the beach at around 3:00pm, baking away under the hot summer sun? Who wants to walk up to the house for a glass of water? With Picnic Plus, you can bring the whole bar with you—and then some! Imagine setting up camp early in the morning with your Picnic Plus cooler filled with brews, and a picnic basket filled with yummy sandwiches. Kids, parents, and even the pesky seagulls will adore your thoughtful gesture as you pass out provisions for their comfort. You can even toast a glass of red or white with your sweetheart from your insulated wine tote. The sky’s truly the limit with this premier outdoor brand.


School Of Fish Glasses
These are great except one of the glasses was broken upon shipment.
Kelly Kushner
Dec 29, 2015