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We’re always searching for smart, affordable seating solutions. Life down the beach is all about company, and it’s important to be able to accommodate as many guests as possible when you’re lucky enough to have a weekend escape of your own. If you’d like to have some extra built-in seating that won’t take up too much room or cause an eyesore, remember an often forgotten piece of shore furniture that goes perfectly in any space: the ottoman!

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Whether it’s a pretty coastal bench, a soft, cozy pouf, a rustic wicker ottoman, or otherwise, these stunningly handcrafted treasures solve so many problems. The Coastal Ottomans and Benches collection brings you the best work of the world’s premier beach artisans. From gorgeous mid-century inspired footstools and footrests to quaint, rustic wicker furniture fit for any room, you’ll fill your space with stunning décor that’s both fashionable and functional. Shop benches and body pillows in every maritime color scheme, from blues and whites to tan, grey, blue and beyond. They go perfectly at the foot of your bed in the master bedroom, next to your favorite rocker, or on the floor in your kids’ playroom. Whatever your need, these beach inspired benches are the perfect match.


Wondering how you can transform your shore living room from a stark, sterile sitting area into a comfy, cozy coastal retreat? If you’re hoping for friends and family to gather in this perfectly decorated space, don’t forget to put the final touch with some pretty, practical footrests and more from the Coastal Ottomans and Benches collection. Picture this. You have a magnificent cream-colored sofa, a few classic wicker rocking chairs, and a nautical coffee table framing your favorite room. But guests have little room to place their coats, towels, bags—let alone their feet! You decide to spruce up the space with a stunning coastal bamboo bench under the windowsill—the perfect place for them to toss a few things while you sit around the table, chat, and sip cocktails. Then, to put people at ease while watching television, you put a few cozy poufs around the sitting space to act as funky footrests. The kids absolutely adore them, so purchase a few more for their bedrooms, and check back often to see our newest finds in the Coastal Ottomans and Benches collection.


Loop De Loop Turquoise Embroidered Pillow
Great pillows; fun punchy colors and shopping was really fast
Nicole Bates
Apr 7, 2016

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