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Nautilus Shell Decor

There are certain images that resonate with us forever. And for those of us who grew up at the beach, seashells are a quintessential part of our shore culture. We’ve spent countless hours traversing the coast, searching the sand and collecting a variety of uniquely shaped creatures. But beyond the scallop or the conch, what other shells are instantly recognizable? The nautilus shell is totally underrated but endlessly beautiful. This curious mollusk is comprised of a gorgeous spiral shell and secret chamber where our wonderful memories reside. Pay homage to its exceptional beauty with fine home furnishings and décor in the Nautilus Shell Décor collection. With a vast assortment of accent pillows, lamps and lighting fixtures, floor mats, bathroom supplies, kitchen essentials and beyond, you’ll find the perfect piece to polish off your sensational shore cottage. Summer shoppers find the image of the nautilus shell on one-of-a-kind wood and framed wall art, shower curtains, etched glassware and other everyday décor. From the kitchen to the living room, master bedroom to the guest bathroom, you’ll find sensational spirals patterns and stunning colors perfectly suited for every space.

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Do you look forward to hosting your friends, children, in-laws or siblings each summer? No matter whom you invite, it’s always important to have them feel welcome—and impressed! You can update your blah guest room by embracing the lovable nautilus pattern found throughout this admirable collection. First, imagine a lovely nautilus lined mirror where visitors fix their hair and makeup before heading out for a night at the beach bar. Then, propped comfortably on the bed are a couple of nautilus shell throw pillows for added texture and color. In the on-suite bath, a fabulous nautilus shower curtain blocks water with a stylish touch. Finally, when they lay down after a long day at the boardwalk, guests will notice your exquisite nautilus flushmount light high above the bed. Doesn’t this sound divine? Choose this magnificent shell for all your decorative needs!


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Feb 24, 2019