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Art is integral to the atmosphere of any space. Whether you desire a casual, elegant, contemporary or ultra eclectic home design, it’s important to carefully consider the wall art you fill each room with. If you’re looking to bring an upscale addition to your beach house living room, bedroom, dining room or other gathering space, consider a quality piece of one-of-a-kind coastal art from the Lobster Trap Art collection. This sensational line is comprised of a variety of unique framed wall art, clocks and other home accessories expertly handcrafted by the world’s premier artisans. Beach house owner find tropical inspired treasures with bright colors and motifs, including beautiful sea life like crabs, turtles, fish, the blue heron, coral and beyond. If you’re in the market for a lovely landscape for above a mantle or headboard, check out the collection’s gorgeous palm trees, underwater grottos, lighthouses and beach scenery. The Lobster Trap Art collection is revered for its bright pops of color. An electric pink, orange, green or blue tile mural is endlessly interesting; or, for a more practical piece, a sunset clock tells time while inspiring relaxation. Whatever your want or need, this quality gallery of home décor promises to make a bold impression.

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Are you going to a wedding, engagement party or housewarming event in the near future? If the couple is in love with the beach, you’ll find an exciting gift in the Lobster Trap Art collection. Imagine this. You purchase a piece of framed wall art featuring the notorious Key West Hemingway house. You also pick up a gorgeous manatee wall clock, framed turtle tiles and a coral grouper cutting board. Leading up to the big event, you weigh your options: which to give, and which to keep? You resolve to hang the Hemingway piece in your kitchen. It’s pretty pop of yellow fits perfectly with your sunny coastal theme. Then, you wrap up the delightful clock, cutting board and turtle tiles as a cool, cohesive present for the special couple. When they open up their treasures, picture the elation in their eyes. They’ll thank you for your stylish generosity—and they won’t even know you kept one for yourself!


Palm Tree Cooler Glasses (Set of 4)
The glasses are beautiful! The etching is deeper than I thought it would be and I love them!
Cassandra Clark
Dec 5, 2015