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When decorating your beach or lakefront bungalow, a playful nod to the sea is always in order. As we embrace the nautical symbols and charming sea creatures of classic shore imagery, remember that your home doesn't have to be the same as all the others. For an amazing spin on the typical beach motif, turn to décor for timeless treasures you won't find in an everyday store. These one-of-kind sculptures, wall art, signs, lamps, mirrors, and other maritime accessories bring instant sophistication—and contemporary style—to any shore abode.

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The Kalalou collection brings you gorgeous handcrafted items comprised of the most durable, finest quality materials in the home furnishing industry. Each piece offers chic elegance but also practicality for every inch of your space. Decorate the living, family, or dining room withrepurposed wood artworks, shore-inspired plaques, and hammered recycled metal signs. Featuring your favorite fish, turtles, seagulls, sailboats, and other quintessential seashore symbols, Kalalou’s artisans have something to meet your every diverse demand. For your master or guest bathroom, browse the brand’s vast selection of hanging towel and coat racks. Many of these amazing furnishings integrate the silhouettes and colorful cutouts of cool surfboards, ships, sharks, and beyond. Finish your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or other living space with uniquely framed mirrors, beach wall art, area rugs, reclaimed metal chandeliers, and other lighting. From the absolute essentials to a few fashionable sculptural treasures, style always meets function with Kalalou. Hoping for a truly “different” approach to your beach home renovation? If you're looking to spruce up the place with new pops of color and exciting design motifs, depend on Kalalou for your one-stop shopping. Imagine a colorful surfboard coat rack in your home's doorway, a friendly octopus artwork in the dining room, and an anchor mirror in your little boy’s bedroom. Family and guests will admire your completely furnished summer home, but more so, they’ll commend your truly unique design sense and vision. It's easy to capture a classy attitude as well as fun, relaxing flair—with Kalalou.


Personalized Our Island Getaway Framed Print
Love this print! My husband and I love the beach and it is a reminder of the wonderful times we share when we go.
Candee Chapman
Nov 9, 2014

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