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There’s something about an island girl that exudes laid-back charm and stylish appeal. Many people have tried to perfect her effortless charisma and smart fashion sense, but to no avail. That’s why homeowners looking for a relaxed, friendly, welcoming atmosphere in their shore abodes should look no further than the Island Girl Home collection. Featuring fabulous pillows, blankets, and other beach home essentials, each piece captures the fun, flirty, colorful—and always chic—style of women who claim paradise as their homes.
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For your bedroom, living room, furnished patio, and other lounge areas, choose from a wide selection of marine, island, and coastal themed accent pillows. With designs for both indoor and outdoor living, the Island Girl collection boasts bold patterns in every variety under the summer sun. Decorate your formal sitting area with pretty coral, fancy flamingos, or hipster-inspired flowers you won’t find in typical décor shops. The brand oozes utter sophistication while still capturing the wild and free spirit of the tropics. For the houseboat or fall nights down the shore, pick up some beautiful fleece blankets with sailboat, marlin, or other classic beach symbols. No matter your taste, Island Girl Home has it all, and rest assured every treasure is of topnotch quality and durability. Strong pre-shrunk polyester blends have your pillows lasting for many seasons to come, while matching area rugs and stunning shower curtains boast the sturdiest of materials and construction. Need a gift idea? Surprise the newly married couple or housewarming host with a set of throw pillows inspired by the bright, bold style of Key West. When your world is an island, life will never be boring!

Would you say your living room is, well, drab? You may have a cohesive vision and theme for your space, but is your nod to the shore too typical? If you’re looking to spice things up in a subtle and sophisticated way, try the cool creations by Island Girl Home. Picture this. You have a stark white family sitting area, which conjures the calm, relaxing atmosphere of classic maritime décor. But to surprise family and guests, you adorn your light-colored sofa with a few island fever pillows featuring magnificent red, blue, green, and yellow foliage. The tropical touch will have them admiring your sensational style with absolute delight. Toss in some more accent pillows with dainty goldfish pattern, and your sectional will truly transform into an island oasis.


Grey Textured Ceramic Canisters With Pyramid Tops Set of 3
The representative at Beach Decor Shop responded quickly to my inquiries. The canisters are show stoppers - extremely impressive. I searched the web for the best price. This was it. However, I read in an answer to a question on another website that the canisters were food-safe. However, each canister had a sticker on the bottom that said not food-safe. Packing of the canisters was extremely well-done. It took 45 minutes to carefully unpack and then remove all of the cardboard and styrofoam popcorn. I will be keeping them because I love them and it would be too time consuming to pack them up. However, I ordered other canisters to store food in. I'm storing dish towels and plastic grocery bags in them,so it does free up drawer space.
Barbara Bruer
Mar 22, 2019

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