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Indoor Nautical Rugs

Decorating your beach home can be so much fun, especially when you fully commit to a nautical theme. Embracing seaside décor opens up a world of possibilities, and your floors are no exception. Today’s top luxury designers bring you a diverse array of indoor area rugs featuring gorgeous maritime motifs. From elegant and refined to relaxed and leisurely, you’ll find the ideal nautical rug to meet the needs of your space.

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The Indoor Nautical Rug collection offers beautiful shore imagery with functional, hard-wearing fabrics designed to last many seasons in your beach bungalow. For high traffic areas, a UV-coated polyester blend is endlessly durable while still delivering on design. But for a softer look, a 100% cotton or wool hook rug goes perfectly in your living room, bedroom, or dining space. No matter your preference, the line always delivers bold, beautiful colors, interesting prints, and charming images to complement your nautical décor. Choose from classic anchors, seashells, sailboats, and other quintessential beach depictions. Each loomed creation comes in a variety of sizes so you can custom pick the perfect piece for your existing setup. Bright, fun, fresh, and sophisticated, every indoor rug promises a unique seafaring style sure to impress both family and guests.

Picture this. Your family room is chock full of nautical nods, from the colors on the walls to the small ornaments on the shelf. But what’s missing? Imagine placing a stunning blue fish oriental hook rug in a central location. Surrounded by a comfy couch, rocking chairs, and nautical trunk, your gathering space will exude maritime charm like you’ve never seen before. And what about your bedroom? If you thought you had it all, picture a dramatic green area rug with mermaid print right below your bed. Visitors will absolutely swoon at the sight of your one-of-a-kind indoor décor. Quality handcrafted designs keep your floors clean while adding shore appeal in the kitchen, dining room, enclosed patio, and beyond.

Want more design ideas? Check back often for the latest styles in the Indoor Nautical Rug Collection.


Grey Textured Ceramic Canisters With Pyramid Tops Set of 3
The representative at Beach Decor Shop responded quickly to my inquiries. The canisters are show stoppers - extremely impressive. I searched the web for the best price. This was it. However, I read in an answer to a question on another website that the canisters were food-safe. However, each canister had a sticker on the bottom that said not food-safe. Packing of the canisters was extremely well-done. It took 45 minutes to carefully unpack and then remove all of the cardboard and styrofoam popcorn. I will be keeping them because I love them and it would be too time consuming to pack them up. However, I ordered other canisters to store food in. I'm storing dish towels and plastic grocery bags in them,so it does free up drawer space.
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Mar 22, 2019

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