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If you love serving wine to your guests at dinner parties and get-togethers, you may be faced with an uneasy choice between unwieldy, and fragile long-stemmed glasses- and unattractive plastic red Solo cups. There is, however, another finer solution- the beautiful, elegant, solvent-inert, and utterly unbreakable govino wine glass.

The shatterproof GoVino wine glass really isn't a glass in the conventional sense. It is made from a food-safe / pharmaceutical-grade proprietary polymer which has all the properties of glass- to the unaided senses- with the exception that it can take far more mistreatment than glass. The remarkable material perfectly transmits the wine's color and holds the aromatics just as well as crystal.

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Once the wine is gone, the GoVino stemless glasses can be recycled or reused. This one of a kind vessel is designed to facilitate the enjoyment of the finest wines in any location, however rugged. The ergonomic thumb-notch allows you to swirl your wine comfortably to excite the wine's bouquet and complete the experience. As the name suggests, GoVino really means go- with your vintage- where you like. While it is designed for the enjoyment of fine wines, the GoVino works well with any quality beverage you like. These shatterproof wine glasses were created as a trade tool to help showcase wines when and wherever ordinary stemware wasn't available. On its debut in 2008, GoVino’s first customers included some of the world’s most respected wine producers. They sampled wines from GoVino glasses and were instantly convinced that these vessels were everything they claimed to be. At that moment, GoVino became the only unbreakable wine glass to earn authoritative acceptance by the industry. All products under the GoVino name are made from flexible, BPA-free polymers. This remarkable material properly showcases all types of wine and spirits. Govino products are entirely recyclable and now there is even a dishwasher safe set.


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