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Lovingly handcrafted by a family from the shores of Connecticut, the Fence Fish brand of products brings you adorable signs and wall art fit for any shore or suburban home. Each piece in this sensational line features a unique pattern and color scheme inspired by everything from the tropical islands and underwater ocean to patriotic ports of paradise. Refurbished from old picket fences, every fish sign is truly one-of-a-kind due to its unique weathered charm and hand-painted composition. They even come ready to hang with a nail and wire hook for your convenience. Browse each beautiful collection to find your favorites, and display a special piece of stockade fence art in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, porch, backyard—and beyond!

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Is there a certain section of your family room or master bedroom that’s missing something? Maybe the wall is bare or the room lacks exciting color and style. For a fast, simple fix, picture this impeccable sight. You enter your shore home and behold all its lovely fixtures and furnishings. But one thing in particular draws your attention. Above every doorway and behind every headboard, a funky, fabulous fish finds itself at home! You display a gorgeous, rustic piece of Fence Fish art in every nook and cranny of your coastal home—and it’s never been so warm and inviting!


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Wow it really is great. Glad I ordered it.
Gary Rothenberger
Jun 1, 2018