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Your entryway entices visitors to hang their coats and hats on wall hooks reminiscent of fun days spent at the beach. With seahorse, crab, lobster and whale hooks, your entryway reflects innovative hooks used for practical purposes. Your home takes on an entirely new oceanic presence when you add a few enchanting hooks. If you fantasize about sea captains, fishermen, ships at sea and fresh ocean air, you are sure to love the idea of decorating your entryway hall with these imaginative and creative hooks. Invited dinner guests who visit during the winter months will enjoy hanging their gear on imaginative starfish, octopus or pirate hooks.

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In the middle of the night, a starfish cried in despair. The tiny creature could not find its mother. In desperation, the little starfish ventured out into the unknown ocean realms. On the long excursion, the tiny echinoderm met an intelligent seahorse. The seahorse invited the starfish for a delightful dinner. After dining by candlelight in a home under the sea, the starfish felt better.

Suddenly, you see something remarkable in your entryway. On the wall, the magical starfish hook takes a leap onto the floor. You are astonished when the starfish begins to speak. "Please help me find my mother," implores the lovely starfish. You proclaim yourself as its lost mother. You grab one of several starfish hooks off the wall and hold it in front of your face. The starfish starts to smile and then its tiny voice breaks into a lovely, melodious song. The music reminds you of the day you visited the ocean with your young children. Now, due to the magical moment taking place in your entryway, all of the oceanic hooks begin a conversation. Pirate terms mixed with an unknown language merge to create a harmonious sound unlike anything you have ever heard. The seahorse suddenly comes to life and takes the little starfish back to its rightful place as a delightful hook on your entryway wall.


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I orderd this for surfer's party .
Ms. Yuka Nagasaki
Sep 6, 2014

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