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Whether it’s a repurposed pallet, reclaimed barn door or some other shabby chic treasure, nothing is trendier than rustic décor. Down the beach, this natural, lived-in look is incredibly appealing, giving you that charming seafaring style that never goes out of fashion. If you’re hoping to capture that rustic perfection in your own beach or vacation home, shop exquisite, one-of-a-kind wall art from the Daydream brand of coastal products. This artfully imagined collection brings you painted wall art with gorgeous cedar wood planks acting as its canvas—the perfect complement to any existing wall color. Whether you choose the image of a dreamy island landscape, a cool surfer scene, a quaint coastal harbor or some fun beach saying, this sensational brand is sure to deliver just the right rustic flair. Best of all, each piece is printed with unique UV-resistant ink, so it won’t fade on the back patio or in the sunroom. With the wood’s natural knots and imperfections peeking through, you can’t help but adore the delightful craftsmanship that makes the Daydream line of wall art absolutely irresistible. You’ll even find a few funky pieces of décor—including wall clocks—mingled with their master artworks.

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When’s the last time you renovated your guest bedroom? Does it need a fun, colorful update to greet guests both young and old? If you tend to entertain a lot during the summer, consider a gorgeous focal point for the space in the form or an original printed piece from the Daydream brand. Picture it now. You have an old antique headboard that exudes an ideal rustic vibe, and place it prominently in the center of the room. Once the bed, coastal accent tables, and other furniture is in place, you gaze up and admire the latest addition to the space: a stunning piece of sunset wall art! Featuring multiple planks of cedar wood forged together and subtly printed with a beach at dusk, the painting mimics the pretty summer scene just beyond its walls. Display it proudly, and check back often to see more striking art by the Daydream brand.


Heathcliff Pelican Door Mat
Love my Pelican door mat...even nicer than expected!!!
Jan Gottwald
Jul 9, 2016