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Certain places have that magical ability to lift our spirits and make us feel instantly at ease. Now that you've found your “paradise,” don’t you just wish you could go there every single day? With the Catstudio brand of embroidered products, talented artists have found a way to transport you to a faraway escape no matter where you live—whether high in the mountains, down in the valleys, or right on the coast of Cape Cod. This unique home retailer brings you one-of-a-kind accent pillows designed after your favorite coastal and other locales. Integrating bright, bold, colorful stitching, ornate designs and fun geographical flair, this celebrated brand brings exceptional style and personality to every shore house couch, sofa or patio chair. From Key West to the Emerald Coast, Maine to the Hamptons, each handcrafted treasure features topnotch embroidery with the place’s top destinations and attractions alongside its instantly recognizable silhouette. Even if you can’t be in Martha’s Vineyard or Tampa all year long, you can pay homage to your favorite vacation destination with a charming pillow proudly bearing its name. Best of all, Catstudio is world renowned for their expert quality and attention to detail, so your cherished pillow is sure to last many catnaps to come.

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Attending an upcoming wedding? How about a birthday party or anniversary celebration? If you’re ever in need of a last minute gift idea, turn to Catstudio and impress friends and family with a thoughtful present modeled after their favorite island or tourist destination. Picture this. Your parents are getting ready to celebrate a milestone anniversary, and all the siblings get together to send them off to paradise. After planning and saving for an incredible trip to the Virgin Islands, you decide to surprise them in an unexpected way. Instead of telling them out loud—say it in a sensational Catstudio throw pillow! Picture their confused—but happy—faces when the colorful hand-sewn accent pillow is revealed for all to admire. They’ll love whisking away to paradise, but thanks to Catstudio, they’ll love reliving the memory for many years to come (thanks to your lovely geography pillow present!).


Hammered Recycled Metal Octopus Wall Hanging
It is just what i wanted!!!! It look awesome in my beach cottage!!!!!
Marion Augusta
Jun 26, 2017