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Nautical / Coastal Bathroom Vanity Lights

Ever notice the difference between the average house and a truly luxurious home? Top designers pay so much attention to detail, opting for permanent fixtures that are both functional and endlessly ornate. In the bathroom, vanity lights are one of those accessories that seem to go unnoticed. But when you see a high quality piece, you’ll realize its chic importance immediately!

The Coastal Vanity Lights collection brings you premier installations designed for today’s contemporary nautical home. Whether you love lake décor or live right on the marshy sound of Nantucket, these incredibly artful designs are an easy way to bring much-needed light to any dull, dark bathroom space. Browse our one of a kind collection of nautical / coastal inspired vanity (bathroom) lights below.

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The Right Beach Themed Bathroom Lighting Fixture makes All the Difference

Want to transform your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat? You can purchase the finest towels, bath mats and accessories around. But to embrace your waterfront environment and infuse special flair like none other, turn to the Coastal Vanity Lights collection for a more permanent upgrade.

Picture this head-turning concept. Straight above your gorgeous marble counter and nautical wall mirror, you install a stunning custom tropical fish vanity light. Its distinctive look brings instant appeal. But as you step out of the shower and go about your routine, you’ll notice other amazing benefits. From its gentle, glowing light to the piece’s beautifully rustic metal exterior, your shore house master has finally found its ideal addition. Impressed by the piece’s intricate workmanship, you head down the hall to the guest bathroom and start brainstorming.

Will you choose a fun leaping trout vanity light to commemorate your favorite lake house? What about a similar piece with little rainbow trout symbols? With so many spectacular designs to choose from—rest assured it’ll be perfectly posh.


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