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Rope, Porthole & Seashell Mirrors

If you love the beach, including beach house wall mirrors as part of your home decor gives you a reminder of the seaside each time you look at it. The coastal decor mirror is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially on a day when you look outside and see that it's cold and wet or just plain gloomy. Shell mirrors that are surrounded by colorful sea shells or one fashioned in the shape of unusual sea creatures may help to lift your mood.

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A beach decor mirror can reflect favorite activities from your time at the shore. Hanging a mirror that's in the shape of a starfish can bring back memories of a deep sea diving adventure you experienced or get you thinking about of all the fun times you had during a past vacation at the beach. A mirror in the shape of a wooden wheel from a ship may remind you of a fabulous ocean cruise you took.

The room where you hang the nautical mirror doesn't need to have coastal decor for it to be a lovely addition to your home. Mother of pearl, driftwood, and oyster shells all make beautiful frames that go with more formal rooms. If you hang the mirror in an area where you entertain friends and family, it can be a focal point of interest to stimulate conversation. It may get fellow beach lovers reminiscing about their own favorite excursions to the coast. Not only is the mirror something you can enjoy, it's something that those who come to visit can enjoy too. Whether you hang the mirror in a bathroom, hall, or a living area of your home, each time you look at it, you'll be reminded of a peaceful and serene time.

Take the memories along with you to work. Hanging a decorative mirror in your office can help get you through a busy day. Whenever your workday gets stressful, rejuvenate yourself by looking at your reflection in a mirror that reminds you of sunshine, warm ocean breezes, and sandy beaches.


Personalized Lighthouse Rectangle Plaque, Blue / White
Absolutely beautiful perfect addition to my new siding. I only wish there was more white on the lighthouse. Would have made the lighthouse more visible from the street.
Army mom
May 27, 2019

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