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Pineapple Decor

Very few people know the pineapple’s symbolism, although we all acknowledge its sweet, irresistible flavor. On a hot, sunny summer day, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cold piece of this fresh, juicy, mouthwatering fruit. Don’t we all want pineapples in our homes every day of the year? With the Pineapple Décor collection, you can make this delicious dream a reality! Browse beautiful home décor inspired by this friendly fruit. Each piece in the unique collection brings unexpected flair and sophistication to any room in your beach or year round home.

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The Pineapple Décor collection takes its inspiration from the fruit’s symbol as a gesture of friendship, love, and welcome. The image of a pineapple invites friends and family into your home with acceptance and gratitude, so it’s a truly lovely theme to integrate throughout the entire space. For your living room, shop plenty of pineapple themed area rugs, accent pillows, valances, and table lamps. In the dining room or kitchen, a pretty pineapple table runner, paper towel holder, or wall clock reminds visitors of your welcoming spirit. Of course, this symbol of invitation is traditionally spied outside the home, so the collection also offers stunning personalized pineapple pots for plants, address plaques, outdoor thermometers, and plenty of signs to adorn your abode. You’ll even find a few holiday items with the image of this delectable produce. From functional, durable home furnishings to artfully designed portraits and decorations, you’ll find a bit of everything to perfect your fruity theme. 

Thinking of sprucing up the exterior of your seashore home? To impress friends, family, and neighbors with your sense of shore style, remember the pineapple! While others may pay homage to the symbol of the lighthouse, sailboat, or some other nautical symbol, you can show your smart, savvy sense of welcome with a beautiful pineapple plaque with your home’s address. Dress up your stoop with a matching pineapple welcome rug, and maybe a potted plant with your family’s name (and pineapple etching, of course!). Whether you choose just one or many, these friendly treasures are sure to bring a smile to visitors' faces.


Grey Textured Ceramic Canisters With Pyramid Tops Set of 3
The representative at Beach Decor Shop responded quickly to my inquiries. The canisters are show stoppers - extremely impressive. I searched the web for the best price. This was it. However, I read in an answer to a question on another website that the canisters were food-safe. However, each canister had a sticker on the bottom that said not food-safe. Packing of the canisters was extremely well-done. It took 45 minutes to carefully unpack and then remove all of the cardboard and styrofoam popcorn. I will be keeping them because I love them and it would be too time consuming to pack them up. However, I ordered other canisters to store food in. I'm storing dish towels and plastic grocery bags in them,so it does free up drawer space.
Barbara Bruer
Mar 22, 2019

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