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Pineapple Decor

Very few people know the pineapple’s symbolism, although we all acknowledge its sweet, irresistible flavor. On a hot, sunny summer day, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cold piece of this fresh, juicy, mouthwatering fruit. Don’t we all want pineapples in our homes every day of the year? With the Pineapple Décor collection, you can make this delicious dream a reality! Browse beautiful home décor inspired by this friendly fruit. Each piece in the unique collection brings unexpected flair and sophistication to any room in your beach or year round home.

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Cora Blue Bedding
My beautiful Cora Blue Bedding just arrived and it is perfect for our beach house. The color is beautiful. It is light and soft perfect for Florida weather. I needed it sooner than it was supposed to arrive. I called customer service who sent my order faster. Great customer service! Thank you so much!!
Jessica Mata-Tessier
Aug 6, 2016

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