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Mermaid Art

Mermaids are mysterious and beautiful creatures, symbolizing the human connection to the sea, and our fascination with it. The mermaid is a complicated, graceful, strong, and delicate creature, inspiring our imaginations, and our sense of adventure and romance. Many aspects of the mermaid's striking features and personality are used to create works of art and decor that can be used to remind us of our love of the sea.

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Graceful and Delicate Furnishings

The fluid movement of a mermaid's tail reminds us of an underwater ballet, and like a ballerina, the mermaid is secretly strong. This mixture of strength and grace has inspired artists to create tables, lamps, and decorative ornaments like mirrors and weather vanes. Pieces like these capture the flowing twists and curls of the mermaid's tail, arms, and hair, creating the illusion of delicacy in strong and usable art.

Classic Beauty in Artwork

Above all, mermaids are beautiful fantasy creatures. They have been the muse of artists throughout the ages, trying to capture their beauty in artwork and sculpture. Each piece displays a mermaid as unique as a seashell, in a variety of colors and moods to match your own. Sculpture can also be found in various styles, from classical to modern. The mediums are as diverse as the mermaids, with artwork done on canvas, driftwood, metal and ceramics.

Subtle Detail and Whimsical Fun for Everyday

Fairy tales and movies have taught us that mermaids are fun and elusive creatures, and there are many options to decorate in the same way. Mermaid area rugs with obvious or subtle mermaid designs can add a touch of fantasy to your home. The same can be done with an accessory lamp or mermaid throw pillows. And for the truly whimsical, towel bars and toilet paper holders can be found. Mermaids come in many moods, and there are just as many options to use mermaid decor to reflect your sense of style.


Seahorse Toilet Paper Holder
This is the 2nd time I've purchased an item from the Beach Decor Shop. Each time I chose an item, selected it and was given information on shipping rates, dates and what to do if an order is damaged during shipment. I've been EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchases. They arrived in perfect condition and were as beautiful as the picture on line showed. I would highly recommend shopping here! They have as wonderful selection of beach & nautical items that will embellish any area of your home.
Terilyn N.
Apr 21, 2018

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