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Chandeliers for Your Beach Home: How Big is Too Big?

October 13th, 2016 by JustinR

ch07lBeach houses tend to be more relaxed and casual than year round homes. But when it comes to nautical and coastal décor, there are plenty of ways to infuse a bit of much-needed sophistication and polish in any small or large beach bungalow. The best way to bring instant elegance is to install a visually stunning beach chandelier in your dining room, living room, or anywhere you see fit. Read these helpful sizing and placement tips for choosing the perfect coastal lighting.

What size chandelier is right for my dining room?

ch12lIf your beach house boasts a large, sprawling dining and living space, it’s always best to pick a large chandelier to act as a visual focal point. For instance, this gorgeous white ship wheel chandelier measures about 30” in diameter with its 6-light construction. Coming in at 21” high, it makes a perfect piece to reach across your larger-than-average dining room table. For a change of theme, this similarly sized palm tree chandelier is just a tad smaller, making it a more conservative choice to blend with the space.

What’s the right size chandelier for my small room?

21105_1_Whether it’s a den, bedroom, living room, or master bath, a shore chandelier brings great drama. If you’re worried that the space is too small to handle such a large piece of décor, think again. There are plenty of smaller sized chandeliers that are absolutely amazing additions to a tiny space. A simple heron pendant light chandelier only measures 20” across and contains just 3 lights to accommodate your smaller square footage. You can also try a rattan shade hanging light for more casual effect.

Where should I place my chandelier?

ch01lPlacement is key in hanging lighting, as you want to consider its practical purpose on top of decorative appeal. If you’re designing your beach dining room, always decide on furniture placement first. The table’s location dictates where you will put the chandelier, and the center of the room is not typically the right spot. You’ll be glad that you hung a larger piece like this coral coastal chandelier in a nook or corner of the room later on down the road. Now, for a smaller space, a central location is always best. Imagine this charming lighthouse chandelier in the middle of your formal living room. It’ll be absolute magic.

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