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Getting Geared Up for Beach Living with Outdoor Doormats

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Living near the beach is an amazing experience. Beach-side and beach-view residents can walk outside and experience the calm ocean waters, the gorgeous sands, and the life that exists by the waters. Beach décor products are perfect for people who live near the beach or have a beach themed room to decorate. Such items can create a peaceful environment for a person who does not live anywhere near the beach, as well. For the beach-side residents, the décor can paint a picture of happiness. Beach doormats are inexpensive items that speak volumes to a person’s visitors. They set the mode for the experience that they will have once they enter the person’s home.








Light Up a Room with Sand Dollar Lamp

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Beach lovers are constantly seeking to find trinkets that will make their homes seem similar to the beloved beach. A sand dollar lamp is an item that fits the theme of the beach. The sand dollar is an interesting species of sea urchin that takes the shape of a star.

Decorating with Sand Dollar Lamps



The sand dollar has many alternative names such as the pansy shell, sea cookie and snapper biscuit. Artists were so fascinated with its uniqueness that they began to develop lamps with the sand dollar embedded into their bodies. A true beach enthusiast will love to have a sand dollar lamp in his or her room.