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Keep Things Clean at the Beach With Coastal Doormats

Friday, October 28th, 2016

adirondack_chair-_door_mat_lThere’s nothing like wiping your feet off after a long day at the beach. Saying goodbye to the sizzling sand and salty water means a refreshing shower followed by cherished family time. Still, it’s hard to shake the sand from our toes. That’s why outfitting your home’s surfaces with plenty of mats is integral to keeping a clean home. From the front doorway to the patio entrance, the hallway to the eat-in kitchen, pick a coastal floor mat in every amazing motif.


Stunning Coastal Décor Ideas for Fall

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

0079me00007-01It doesn’t matter if you live year-round in a shore town or just love incorporating the beach into your suburban abode. For unique fall-inspired décor, consider a coastal theme to complement the stunning colors and motifs of the season. From wall art and rustic furniture to warm, cozy fabrics and furnishings, there are so many marine accessories that’ll bring a beautiful aesthetic to your autumnal setup.


Want Coastal Chic? The Answer is Nautical Kitchen Towels

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

24-239lDo you ever admire the perfectly planned nautical homes of the Hamptons or Cape Cod? If you’re going for a maritime look but don’t want to overwhelm the space, there are subtle décor upgrades that’ll do the trick. Keep things simple and functional with pretty nautical kitchen towels for the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms in your shore-inspired retreat.

What’s a nice towel for my beach house kitchen?

sea_turtle_towel_A classic shore kitchen integrates light, airy, practical materials that wash easily and can handle heavy duty cleaning. A set of waffle weave towels with shore motif makes a lovely choice for showcasing your love for the ocean. You’ll find plenty of symbols like charming sea turtles, blue and red crabs, and fun lobsters. Hang one on the stove, over the sink, and on a towel ring to bring a relaxing, beach-loving vibe to any vacation home.

What’s an elegant towel for my guest bath?

coral_natural_linen_towel_l_There’s nothing quite as classic as quality linen. If you want to wow guests with your impeccable taste in all things nautical, then opt for a collection of linen coastal bath towels. From stunning embroidered coral to seahorses, fish, starfish, and beyond, there’s a charming creature to fit the theme of any space. The natural white, tan, and other neutral colors are great for complementing existing color schemes. You can use a few towels in your master bath, a few in the kids’ quarters, or in a downstairs powder room.

How can I bring a shore style to my dining room?

sealife-tllIf you love to entertain, then the art of table decorating is probably close to your heart. While nautical towels make great focal points on a towel bar or ring, they also perform double duty as napkins. Purchase a quality set of shore hand towels, and use one on each place setting for your dining room table. Family and guests will love choosing their ideal motif as they behold your beautiful linens with friendly crabs and sophisticated shells. Remember that waffle weave and other durable materials work best, as they’re versatile enough to handle food and liquid.

Craving an Update to Your Coastal Glassware? See These Incredible Designs

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

crab_stemless_wine_glass_l_003-9541-563-4Do you ever admire friends’ and families’ glassware when you stop by for a cocktail every now and then? It’s natural to desire change, and let’s face it. Sometimes we grow tired of our boring everyday wine and water glasses. If you’re transforming your shore house bar with a distinct nautical style, then check out some amazing new products guaranteed to “wow” everyone that you serve.


Chandeliers for Your Beach Home: How Big is Too Big?

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

ch07lBeach houses tend to be more relaxed and casual than year round homes. But when it comes to nautical and coastal décor, there are plenty of ways to infuse a bit of much-needed sophistication and polish in any small or large beach bungalow. The best way to bring instant elegance is to install a visually stunning beach chandelier in your dining room, living room, or anywhere you see fit. Read these helpful sizing and placement tips for choosing the perfect coastal lighting.


Greet Guests With the Traditional Welcome Pineapple

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

double-pineapple-hook-pillowThe pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, family, love, and welcome. This whimsical exotic fruit is both tasty and sophisticated with its interesting appearance and irresistible charm. But how might you integrate this age-old custom into your existing décor? Luckily, there are so many unique items that will greet guests warmly while bringing a fun decorative style to any existing motif. Best of all, welcome pineapple art, furnishings, and ornaments make lovely gifts for showing friendship and hospitality to family or new neighbors.